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Personal nutrition is the key to success with long-term results. When it comes to nutrition and wellness plans, nobody wants a canned or fad diet. By working with Blue Nutrition, you will receive a personal blueprint to your best life.

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Food & Chemical Sensitivities

Inflammation is running wild in so many American’s. Food and chemical sensitivities can be one facator leading to IBS, bloating, gas, diarrhea, headaches, migraines, anxiety, skin issues, muscle cramps, exhaustion,  …only to name a few. I take a in-depth look and together we create a Blueprint to limit the triggers of inflammation and find healing. 

Taking Supplements You Don't Need?

The value in knowing micronutrient status is powerful. Maybe your’re taking supplements you don’t need. Or what if the majority of your problems are wrapped up in a hidden nutrient deficiency. Medications like birth control or Metformin have an impact on nutrient absorption. Possibly, you want to get stronger? Or healthier? Trying to lose weight but stuck? The answers might be hidden in this test. 

Micronutrient Sample Report

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Creating personalized experiences for my clients is important.  For this reason, I have a list of services available outside of packages.

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  • Lactation Support
  • Cancer Prevention & Recovery
  • Group Programs
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