Group Programs 

We are strong. Together, we are stronger.  

A smart way to get healthy faster is through group programming. Think “bang for your buck” for both financially and health goals. – Not only do you get resources and tools to enable you to reach your health goals, but you also get 4 sessions packed full of solid information. Along with accountability to get you moving in the right direction. Every program has been developed in conjunction with top health professionals across the nation. Always based on solid research. Provided by your personal Registered Dietitian.

Here are some features: 

  • Live Sessions – Recorded for your convenience. If you need to review, go back and watch again. Can’t make the scheduled class? You have it to watch anytime!
  • Personal Total Nutrition Assessments (food, supplements, lifestyle, medications, skincare)
  • Deliciously doable Menus for inspiration and customization
  • Personalized Supplement Recommendations (I never “push” supplements. I only recommend if needed/wanted.)
  • 25% off on all supplements

Kids Korner

 (Coming in September)

Why Kids Korner

Hormones are the messengers that are created in specific organs. They travel through the blood and other systems to get to specific tissue. There they are the igniter of tissue funtion.  Too much or too little of specific hormones wreaks havoc in our lives. 

As women, we see it show up in cramping, excessive bleeding, headaches, brain fog, low energy levels, weight gain, belly fat, mood swings, acne, hair loss, or hot flashes.  

Empow-HER Hormone Health

Women. Ladies. Females. Girls.

All ages and stages. The program is focused on the root causes of hormone imbalance. It empowers women with the knowledge and tools to create a healthy hormone balance. 

  • Teenagers – acne, heavy bleeding, massive cramps, mood swings.
  • 20s-whenever  – brain fog, endometriosis &  PCOS, skin issues
  • Perimenopause or Menopause symptoms- Belly fat, weight gain, hot flashes
What Do Participants Get
  • Total Personal Nutrition Evaluation— This is where I get to know you and your needs. It is comprehensive of your food, supplements, medications, skincare and lifestyle.
  • 4 LIVE Sessions– There will be weekly group sessions packed with research based quality information.  During this time, you can ask questions or listen to others questions and learn!
  • **Recorded sessions** Each session will be recorded for two main reasons. One, in case you can’t make it to the live session. Two, so much information will be shared that participants might want to re-watch/listen to find gems they missed.
  • Deliciously Doable Menus – for insipiration and customization.  7 days of specific nutrient needs. — examples include Iron, Magnesium, Anti-Inflammatory, Hemp
  • Personalized Supplement Recommendations. –I never push supplements, but there are times that they are needed/wanted.  And in those times, I do my best research to find the ones that hit your specific needs.
  • 25% discount on high quality supplements for 30 days.
How Does it Work


  1. You sign up through “Practice Better”. This is an Electronic Health Record that is HIPPA complient and has everything that is needed for you.
  2. You will receive documents and “Next Steps” in a welcome email.
  3. Sign up for the Private Facebook Group.
  4. Live Streaming will be done through the Facebook Group. You will only be seeing me, not other participants.  So show up in you PJs or workout gear… nobody can see you.
  5. Recorded sessions and any other documents will be available in the Facebook Group or sent through email.
  6. Ask questions.  For 30 days you can ask questions through Facebook or Email.

I do not subimt insurance claims at this time.  However, I can provide a SuperBill for you to submit.  Check with your insurance provider as many do not cover.  

Finding Your Blueprint to Health is My Mission