Hello! I’m BriAnna

Registered Dietitian

So glad you’re here! 

As the owner and dietitian behind Blue Nutrition, I can promise a personalized health plan that is just for you! 

What’s Blue Nutrition? Exactly what you need. Go beyond health coaching with Medical Nutrition Therapy. Combine it with functional nutrition labs. Top it off with over 15 years of knowledge, experience, and skills. Build individual health & nutrition “blueprints”.

Everyone is unique. We all have specific needs depending on our lifestyle, health status, genetic disposition and more. You deserve something that will work for you.  Not something canned for “everyone”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan that works for you? – not just another fad?!  You could receive a personal nutrition & lifestyle blueprint to support healing, cut back on inflammation, and reduce stress. 

“Working with BriAnna has brought me much healing. I have lived with Microscopic Colitis for the past 5 years and have dealt with a myriad of problems. My bowel movements were very frequent and not healthy, I was lethargic, tired, and my skin was very dry and pale looking. I was short tempered with my husband and kids because I felt so bad most of the time. Almost immediately after working with BriAnna and implementing my personal BluePrint, I noticed a change in my bowel movements. She has given me great support and is always available to answer questions, brainstorm or troubleshoot different issues. BriAnna gave me meal planning ideas and looked beyond just the food & chemical sensitivity results. Her experience and knowledge have been SO helpful and something I would have never been able to do on my own. I highly recommend her!”


Busy Mom

What I Offer



Expect to see a 50-75% improvement of health scores in 2-3 weeks and then in the following 1-3 months hit your mid-short term goals. 


The one-size-fits-all approach is old news. Everyone gets the unique plan that they need to succeed. We put the “blue” in personalized blueprint.


Regular check-ins and continual support throughout the week. Direct messaging, email, & phone calls as you need = Dietitian in Your Back Pocket.  

Custom Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans, cookbooks and guides to make life delicious and doable.  

Functional Labs

Know what is going on in your body. Different tests will give us your unique plan.  Food & Chemical Sensitivity, Micronutrient, Nutrigenomics and Gut Microbiome test (to name a few.)  

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Save money on traveling expense and taking off work.  Telehealth allows for flexibility in appointment times in the comfort of your home or wherever you are. 

BriAnna is passionate in what she does and I highly recommend! She has helped me with breastfeeding and helping get my nutrition right. She is very knowledgeable and has the patients best interest in mind!”



What You Can Expect


Experienced Dietitian

Have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who knows her stuff!  Over 15 years experience, she has worked in many different capacities including clinical, public health, worksite wellness, and consultant programming services. When it comes to connecting dots and finding what works, BriAnna is your professional! 

Professional & Friendly

Blue Nutrition uses a safe and reliable health app. Not only will we be able to communicate easily through the portal, but you can schedule, pay, and receive documents in a secure site. Once your goals are made, we will track your success and celebrate along the way! Bonus Food & Mood journal will interact with your dietitian! 

Quick Response

Your time and attention is important to me.  If you send a message, I know you need help –probably like yesterday (or last year).  I don’t want you to wait any longer!  It is my priority to get back to you as soon as possible.  It doesn’t cost to reach out to me! 

Flexible Appointments

You are busy!  Family, work, household duties, community activities, friend commitments, church, vacations… I totally get it! Normal hours are during the week work day, but I am open am open to early mornings, evenings, and Saturdays to fit your busy schedule! 

Virtual Services

Blue Nutrition is a virtual practice. Video conference, phone call, text, email… whatever you prefer is what will be best! Save money and time by not traveling to appointments. 

No Bull

“Sell, sell, sell” is not my philosophy.  Finding a healing blueprint is my mission. That’s why I’m straight forward and transparent. If we are not a good fit, I understand!  A recommendation or referal can be made for further services to another provider, if needed.


(701) 425-1260




Telehealth out of Bismarck, ND